Friday 16 August 2013

Long-term adverse health effects of doping

I have just read an insightful new review of my book on a cycling blog by JP Partland: 

Generally positive, but it does make the comment that I should have written more about the long-term adverse health effects. I agree this information is somewhat lacking, though anecdotal evidence is discussed in the book. However, it is hard to get good scientific evidence of the clinical effects of the pharmaceuticals at the doses used; in many cases for obvious reasons it is equally hard to get the evidence of what doses were used in the first place. The best data probably comes from anabolic steroids and bodybuilders where there is reasonable evidence of adverse long term liver effects [1, 2] and enhanced cardiovascular risk [3].

I was interviewed last year about this by Jodie Marsh, the model turned natural bodybuilder, for a special on the Discovery DMAX channel. I have seen show this show featured in a press release (see link below), but not sure if it was ever / will ever be aired: 

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