Tuesday 6 November 2012

Drugs and mixed martial arts at the Manchester Science Festival

Last week I talked at Blackwell's bookshop as part of the Manchester Science Festival (hence the dodgy photo). As usual a very keen and knowledgeable audience. Some interesting questions about drug use in pro. boxing and mixed martial arts. Here I am on side with Victor Conte, for once, about the need for more effective testing. His view is to focus on the pre fight period. For sure some consistency here would be good. But, as noted here,  as long as there is no off season testing even this might not be enough. It was a shame to see some unsubstantiated rumours about famous athletes getting an airing in the Q and A. But I guess not really surprising in the wake of the Lance Armstrong story. 

Next week on Nov 14 I get to do a hometown event in Colchester at the Minories Cafe as part of the Cafe Scientifique popular science movement. Should be fun. 

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