Friday 7 February 2014

Go Team GB in Sochi (especially the speed skaters)

If I can be excused a bit of patriotism (and a digression from the drugs topic) can I wish all members of Team GB the best of success in the Winter Olympics? I will be especially following the short track speed skaters, who I (well mostly my researcher Catherine Hesford) had the privilege of working with, when we shone light on their legs to study the oxygen in their muscles. For a video of what we did click here. To look at the details of the research we did on our short track skaters and the biathletes see the references below [1-4]. Some of the stuff is secret, but we will be able to publish after the Games are over, so watch this space!

Of course a special shout out goes to Jon Eley, who will carry the flag for Team GB at the opening ceremony (and features in the video above). And best of luck to Elise Christie, our top medal hope.


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