Wednesday 30 January 2013

Jack3d and Claire Squire's death

The coroner has spoken 

I completely agree

My sympathies are with Claire's family and friends at this time. I do note that the new Jack 3D has been launched without the offending DMAA (methylhexanamine) ingredient.  The current ingredients look pretty harmless, but it is interesting they think the brand name is not tarnished and worth reusing.

The new ingredients of Jack 3D "ENOS Super Performance System"are L-citrulline, arginine and nitrate [1]. A weird combination of substrates, precursors and products of the enzyme Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (hence the ENOS). As someone who has written a scientific review on this enzyme with over 2,000 academic citations (, I wish supplement companies would just leave my field alone and find somewhere else to go to peddle their non validated concoctions.

A bit more of a rant than usual I'm afraid, but this death was so unnecessary....

 [1]  Nitrate can have a performance effect but you can get it cheaper by eating a lot of vegetables (or drinking beetroot juice).

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