Wednesday 23 January 2013

Swansea City ball boys

OK - this is not about drugs in sport, but I couldn't resist it:

In 1973 Swansea City  became the first team in football's lower leagues to have ball boys.

In the first batch was a certain Chris Cooper

I have two main memories:

1 We were ordered to all go to the side of the pitch nearest the tunnel for the last 10 minutes of the match so we didn't get run over when the skinheads invaded the pitch at the end of every game (this was the 70s after all). 

Oh and 

2 We were told to give the ball back quickly if Swansea were losing and very slowly if we were winning. And to try and avoid getting beaten up by frustrated opposition players in the latter case.

I was born 40 years too early - or I could have been famous ……  (or at least kicked by somebody famous) 

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